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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I haven't published anything in over a year, but I haven't forgotten about this blog. I did forget how to log in again, but i figured it out. Nothing too big had happened and I'd gotten tired of writing down my whole life. However, some new stuff has happened, I just haven't blogged about it. I met a boy and he is awesome. I graduate in 18 days. And I have no idea where I'm going to be living in a month.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's been so long since I blogged that I almost forgot my user name and password. I was surfing around to all the blogs that I used to read on a daily basis, and discovered that I haven't blogged in a long time. And before that it had been a long time too. I'm not sure why I haven't been up to posting the last year or so, I used to have so much I wanted to say, but I can never think of anything anymore. Or when I do have something to say, I don't want to post it because I know people who read this, or because it's pretty easy to find this with the right search terms. Who knows, maybe it is just temporary. I don't know. Classes start monday, and I have 2 chapters to read before then. Isn't that nice of them to start the first day of classes with 2 chapters to prepare for? Well, that's all for now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Long blog

  • Still not a whole lot to say, but we'll see what I can do.
  • School has started again. And while I was hoping that 3rd year would be easier, it's really not. It's not because the material's harder, it's not, it's more because I never really know what's going on, and spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. And reading. There is sooooo much reading. And during the week I concentrate so hard on what comes next that I don't do all the rest of the work I was supposed to do, so I'm constantly in a state of catch-up.
  • New place to live and a new roommate this year. It's a nice place, in a really great location. And I would always recommend having a roommate in your year while in pharmacy school. It is so nice to just be able to turn around and ask a question of someone who is doing the same thing you are.
  • Had sushi last night, it was very good, and it's right next door, which is convinient. The roommate didn't really like it though, so I'll have to eat it alone or find another dinnermate. She was a really good sport about it though, and we all had a pretty good time.
  • I never post the names of people I know in here, with a few exceptions. And recently one of them contacted me. Which is really cool, because she was my best friend when we were kids and we had lost contact for a really long time. She seems to be happy where she is, and she is just about to finish up school and start a career that she really likes, which is very cool to me.
  • Our power has gone on and off about 5 times since starting this and I just had to reset the modem so I'm going to post this before I lose power all together or something...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Things that suck about my car

1. Someone hit my car in the parking lot today and they didn't leave a note. Of course, you probably shouldn't even bother to check for a note if you are parked in the ghetto. It's not bad, but I made some poor policeman write a report anyway, even though he clearly wasn't happy about it. Luckily the insurance company is cool with me waiting a few weeks to get estimates. I'll probably end up just leaving it, my car isn't spotless anyway.

2. I drive a 4 cylinder economy car and today I put $42.25 worth of gas in it. That's only 7.3 miles per dollar!!!

Now for the good news: It still drives.

Friday, April 07, 2006

So like, I have this blog for me. And recently I haven't posted at all. And it has a lot to do with the fact that nothing is going on. And if I write about stuff here then I won't have anything to say in real life.

But I figure that in a few years it might be good for me to remember things from now.

So here it goes. Last semester was hard on me. I spent the last few weeks of the semester in really bad shape. It was not fun and not something I ever want to repeat. This semester is better. Probably just because I'm used to it. But my grades are doing better so far, and hopefully I won't have such a crisis at the end of the semester. It's a pretty constant battle, and it's not very fun. One exams began this semester we have had at least 1 exam per week with the exception of maybe 2 weeks. One being the week after spring break, and they made up for that by having us take 2 enormous tests the next week. That was last week. I passed both of those exams, but one was just barely, and I only found out yesterday that I did pass when they posted a new key and I got an extra question right. It is not easy. Yesterdday I had a class at 8-10 am, and to be there on time I had to leave here by 7, which meant waking up at 5 to make sure I had everything, which was difficult because I was up until 2 preparing. I ended up leaving a few minutes early because it was a busy day and I wanted a little time to look over things before it began. In the 8 am class I had a taped final exam of a patient interview and I managed to get everything done in the allotted time, but just barely. At 10 I had another class, but luckily for me I have already presented in it, so I didn't have to use a lot of brain power in it. From 11-3 I studied for an exam I had at 7 pm. And at 3:30 I had another class from 3:30-4:30, I prepared for that class ahead of time, and knew that I wasn't supposed to be called on, but there is always that fear. Then I went to move my car, change out of my dress clothes, and pick up a snack before going back to study for that exam from 5-7. We were given 2 hours, but luckily I didn't need all of that time, of course I didn't do so well, we'll have to see how that comes out, it will be a few days. But I was home by 9pm. And I slept this morning until about 9:30.

Today I have a lot of lectures to catch up on. Let me count them. 25. Of course, I won't watch them all today. I don't have that many hours, and I don't need all of that information floating around in my head right now. But the work, it doesn't ever end. Having a minimum of 1 exam per week plus classes thrown in means I'm constantly putting things to the side so I can focus on something specific, and then playing catch up and starting all over again.

This is not something I will ever ever recommend to someone. If you want to be a pharmacist then go for it. It will be worth it, the job security alone makes it worth it. But some words that will never come out of my mouth are, "you know what you should do? You should be a pharmacist."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Break

Stuff I did over spring break:
-Washed my car (I still have to clean out the inside though)
-Had lunch with Michelle
-Downloaded firefox (and still trying to figure out why it's special)
-Crocheted 2 purses and 1 short hat
-Helped Nikky pick out baby presents for a friend of hers
-Had lunch at Applebee's 2 times (3 tomorrow)
-Peed in a cup
-Worried way too much about when the CVS orientation is going to be
-IMed Jenn once because she has laryngitis and can't talk
-Waded through HTML in order to coordinate vacation plans, while hoping I actually get to go.
-Laid in my hammock
-Took pictures of old pictures
-Went to the flea market

Things I didn't do over spring break
-Watch enough lectures
-See Brook or Lori
-Go to the bodies exhibit
-Read a book

Things I'm still planning on doing over spring break
-Go shopping because I think I lost a lot of clothes
-Hopefully see Brook and Lori, even though time is running out
-Clean out the inside of my car
-Go to Breakfast with family that is visiting
-Watch lectures
-Call Pentax, and hopefully I won't have to send my camera in
-Call Dell because I need more rubber feet thingies for my laptop

Monday, March 06, 2006

Again, it's been a long time. But that's okay, because it's not like anything new has happened.I just don't have anything to talk about and I shouldn't even be posting right now, I should be making notecards, lots and lots of notecards. And besides it probably better if I don't say anything for a little while on here that is too controversial, because as it turns out I was not paying enough attention one day and while it wasn't an accident then it turns out it is now because I wrote my WHOLE, full name on here and now I'm searchable. Not just searchable but the very first hit that comes up with you seach me. Opps. I'll try to pay more attention next time, because while I don't really mind if people I know read this, I would rather know ahead of time that they may read it and I really don't want to publicize it. So, it's fixed now, but google and msn cache things for like ever and it's going to be a LONG time before I'm not quite so searchable anymore. In the meantime I'm just going to hope that no one I know will suddenly think to themselves, "hmm...I wonder if Malissa's on the internet?" And I think it will be okay because even though i do that sometimes I don't think other people do. At least not very often. Let's hope.

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